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Made to fit you as ‘Fit matters’

A statement that absolutely defines the fashion direction for 2015 is that ‘Made to fit you as ‘Fit matters’.

Now it really doesn’t matter how you word it – or how you wear it – the trend for this year is custom clothing with a fitness orientated element added into it. Being fit is making a bigger mark on fashionistas than just conveyed by the cool kicks and sports silhouettes they wear on the streets – it’s becoming evident in their body shapes too. Toned tummies, strong shapely legs, defined arms…

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Whatever way it’s expressed, custom clothing with ‘being fit’ is making its mark on all Tastemakers and Trendsetters and the way they interpret this seasons fashions – but it doesn’t stop there!

Keeping all in consideration about women elegance, being stylish, fit matters is happy to announce the launch of its avant-garde online customized clothing website, offering the best fit for each personally; offers customized style, design and best fit experience for women. We believe in offering customized clothing without any boundaries.

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