How We Do?

At Lurap we believe in 'Made to Fit you'!! Our unique customization process offers you the choice of getting the precise customization that you had always wished for.

By opting for our unique customization process you can choose to customize your attire with your signature style. Play around with buttons, pockets, collars, sleeves, neckline or hemline to create your lovely dress. Just enter your preferences and we customize it exactly as you prefer. Choose the exact customization you want for your attire.

Customize your purchase down to the very last feature and get the exact clothing you wish for.

Why Lurap?

Being Fit is the mantra in today's modern world and Lurap offers exactly this by offering made to fit clothes because, our motto is 'FIT MATTERS'. Revel in the joy of donning the designer's hat. Customize your clothes for that perfect FIT look.

Fast and easy measurement. Measure yourself in MINUTES!! Get fast delivery of your custom made dress within weeks. Flaunt your style and get noticed!

Get Noticed

  • From the comfort of your home - No tailor necessary
  • Predictive Measurements
  • Measurement Review