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We at Lurap, offer you the joy and pleasure of designing and styling your own fashion garments. The exclusive feature of custom made clothing brings the guarantee of a garment that fits you to perfection, not accommodates you in standard fits that most apparel brands have to cater. Whether you want to alter the neckline in a given design or need to have pockets for carrying your stuff, we do it all. All you need to do is enter your specifications and we design the garment exactly as desired. You can even choose to alter your dress length to suit your personal style. Come have a look and discover the amazing feeling of having a perfect outfit hand-crafted for you!

Feel free to use the size charts or customize clothing to get a perfect fit.

Sharing your measurements ensures that you get the best fit and experience the joy of wearing the perfect design and style. Our expert designers recommend sticking to your best fit and not to try and alter your actual measurements for a little loose or tight fit. In case you have certain special requirements, please feel free to drop us an email specifying the additional changes to get best fit in custom made clothing. You can also call our toll free numbers and directly talk to one of our support staff.


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Step 1 : Custom size

For a made to fit dress, choose your measurements from our drop down menu box for various body measurement types. We guarantee best fitting clothes and assure you of keeping your personal information absolutely secure!

Guidelines for Measurement

- Always measure yourself wearing your undergarments. - Do not hold the tape tightly. Take relaxed and close measurement. - To get most accurate measurement, let someone else measure you.

Chest: Chest measurement is taken by passing the tape around the torso, just above the bust.

Bust: Always wear a well-fitted bra when you measure your bust. With the arms in relaxed position at the sides, take the bust measurement at the fullest point, with the tape parallel to the floor. The measuring tape is to be taken under the armhole over the shoulder blades across the back where the bra strap is, then to the front past both the nipples.

Under Bust: Take the measuring tape all the way around the torso, just beneath the bust.

Upper Arm: Place the measuring tape around the bicep, which happens to be the widest part of your upper arm. Bend your arm a bit at the elbow while taking the measurement to make sure that you are comfortable with the final fit.

Shoulder to Shoulder: You would need a friend to help you for taking shoulder to shoulder measurement. Take the measurement tape across the upper back area, starting from the tip of one shoulder to that of the other. Make sure that you do not hunch over.

Shoulder to Bust: The measurement is to be taken by placing the tape on the point where the shoulder meets the neck and extending it to the tip of the bust along the front.

Shoulder-Knee:Start from the point where the shoulder meets the neck and extend it downwards following the front curve, reaching to the natural waistline and then down to the knee. It would be better if you ask a friend to help you with taking this measurement.

Shoulder to Waist: Begin at the point where the shoulder meets the neck and take the measuring tape along the front to the natural waist line.

Waist: The measurement has to be taken around the natural waistline, at the area where it is the narrowest. If you are not sure about your natural waistline, try bending over to one side. A crease will be formed along the waist, just below the ribcage, which will indicate your natural waistline. You may find that this is not the point where you actually wear your skirts or bottoms, because this actually is the right place to measure for getting correct fit. As you take the measuring tape around the natural waistline, make sure that it remains parallel to the floor.

Hips: Stand straight with your heels together and measure your hips at the broadest part (which lies approximately 8 inches below the waistline). This also includes the fullest part of the backside and lies around the point where the legs meet the torso.

Under Bust: Take the measuring tape all the way around the torso, just beneath the bust

Step 2 : Custom style

Custom Styling: From our drop down menu choose the options of neckline, pockets, sleeve length according to your requirement. Be your own designer as we assist you in creating your unique style.